Add Some Zip to Your Cable Tie Knowledge

                       UV Black Cable Tie                                                Green Cable Tie                                        Screw Mount Cable Tie


Cable ties are used everywhere: from holding wires together to fastening components quickly and easily. Like duct tape, cable ties are an essential tool for life's challenges. So what's there to know?


Stand Up to the Sun

The sun's UV rays will cause the common cable tie and even some black cable ties to become brittle and fail. UV black cable ties will last 5-15 years under the sun where the common natural/clear cable tie will only last months. Note that not all black cable ties are UV resistant, but all of ours are!


Make Security and Identification Easy with Color-Coded Cable Ties

A lock prevents access while a clipped cable tie makes it apparent that someone needed access to a locker, cabinet, or bundle of wire. Using a red or green cable tie will not allow someone to simply replace the clipped cable tie with a new one. Color-coded cable ties can also be used to blend in so they are more aesthetically pleasing.


Specialty Ties - Screw Mount and ID Tags

Want to hold a bundle of wire in the middle of a wall? Use a screw mount cable tie. Need to write a serial number, date, or other identification information on an item? ID tag cable ties allow you to write on them.

We have every cable tie variety known to man. Want some advise on the best cable for your application? Give me a call or shoot me an email!


Gary T.

Product/Application Expert