Crimping Tips


A bad crimp will cause premature failure of your electrical connection. Below are a few tips to ensure a proper crimp.



Insulated terminals need two crimps, a crimp of the nylon or plastic sleeve onto the wire jacket and a crimp of the metal insert onto the wire. High quality crimping tools will perform both crimps with one squeeze of the handle, 37A13001 is an example. To ensure the insulation is not broken, the crimps are general arcs that flatten the circular body into more of an oval shape, like this:


Insulated Terminal Crimp, Before and After


Heat shrink terminals need even more care from a crimp than insulated terminals because if the heat shrink is punctured, the terminal is compromised. Our specialized heat shrink terminal crimper, 37A13011, has a broad crimping surface to apply pressure across a large space to ensure the heat shrink is not cut.


Bare terminals require only one crimp of the barrel onto the wire. 37A13002 is an example. The crimping zone has more of a soft B shape to it, that creates a crimp that looks like this:


Bare Terminal Crimp, Before and After


Metri-Pack, Weather Pack, Deutsch terminals require specialized crimpers. While a basic crimping tool might appear to get the job done, what you can't see, may affect you. Ensure you find a tool that can crimp your specific terminal. A few suggestions below:

Metri-Pack - select your series

Weather Pack - 37A11004

Deutsch - 37A17001