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Packard Series
  1. 59 Series (1)
For Wire Size (Gauge)
  1. 16 (1)
  2. 14 (1)
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  1. Unsealed Terminal (1)
  1. Female (1)

Packard Weather-Pack and Metri-Pack

59 Series

Metri-Pack terminals are different from Weather-Pack terminals in that the male terminals have flat pins, similar to a quick disconnect, rather than Weather-Pack's round pins.

These unsealed terminals require unsealed housings.

Terminals require two crimps (terminal to wire strands, terminal to wire insulation). A proper crimping tool is required. For heavier usage, use a tool that performs both crimps at the same time.

NamePart #Package QuantityPrice
16-14 Ga. Unsealed Female 59 Series Terminals #2973216 12A17001 25 $16.48