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Mount Style
  1. Plastic Screw (TR) (2)
  1. Green (2)
Diameter (inches)
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  2. 3 (1)
  1. 240 (2)


Heavy Duty Surface Conditioning Discs - Plastic Screw (TR) Mount

The same general purpose surface conditioning disc but offers greater durability and a higher cut rate than basic Rolocâ„¢ discs. These 3M's Rolocâ„¢ SE surface conditioning discs are ideal for heavy duty deburring and finishing. Removes grind marks, rust, and coatings with ease. Made of aluminum oxide. TR mount style. Color coded for grade/grit. Simply match the diameter, color, and mounting style to replace an existing surface condition disc.

Diameter (inches)ColorGritGradePackage QuantityPart #Price
2 Green 240 Fine 5 14A12003 $16.54
3 Green 240 Fine 1 14A12006 $5.90