Trailer Cable Connectors and Junction Boxes

Tractor Trailer Plugs and Receptacles

The 1, 2, and 3-way corresponds to the number of wires. All are made of cast zinc bodies with brass pins, except the poly plugs and sockets are nylon bodies filled with glass. For secondary power source use our ISO auxiliary plugs and sockets. Rated 6-28 volts and 40 amps of continuous duty. Sold individually.

PolesSpecificationPart #Price
1-Way Plug 66C11228 $30.51
1-Way Receptacle 66C10893 $28.87
2-Way Plug 66C11230 $24.28
2-Way Receptacle 66C10894 $24.99
2-Way Receptacle 17A12022 $27.12
4-Way Plug 66C11231 $8.31
4-Way Receptacle 66C10895 $10.99
4-Way Receptacle- Cole Hearse 17A12085 $12.44
4-Way Plug 66C11232 $12.14
6-Way Plug 66C11233 $8.33
6-Way Receptacle 66C10896 $11.13
6-Way Plug 66C11234 $15.54
7-Way Receptacle 66C10897 $14.03
7-Way Plug 66C11235 $10.76
7-Way Plug 66C11238 $13.37
7-Way Receptacle 66C10899 $20.06
7-Way ISO Auxiliary Plug 66C11236 $26.59
7-Way ISO Auxiliary Receptacle 66C10898 $29.24
7-Way Ring Terminal Type Receptacle 66C10900 $22.99

Tractor/Trailer Plug Boots and Bracket

4, 6, and 7-way socket boots available. Sold individually.

PolesPart #Price
6-Way 66C10018 $1.44
7-Way 66C10019 $4.14

Tractor/Trailer Plug Accessories

The battery brush cleans terminals, posts, and cable connectors. It has a tapered circular wire brush and carbon steel bristles. For cleaning the plugs and receptacles, try our plug scrub tool. There is a built guide and the wire bristles are steel. Sold individually.

PolesPart #Price
4-Way 37A20008 $33.45
6-Way 37A20009 $33.49
7-Way 37A20010 $46.77

Tractor/Trailer and Recreational Vehicle Connector Adapters

Use these adapters to make a connection between a trailer and a vehicle. Sold individually.

PolesPart #Price
6-Way 66C10352 $81.99
7-Way 66C10353 $70.08

Pollak Recreational Vehicle Connectors

Both male and female parts available, in addition to right angle mounting bracket. Sold individually.

PolesSpecificationPart #Price
7-Way Right Angle 66C10058 $3.91
7-Way Receptacle 66C11484 $7.57
7-Way Plug 66C11485 $5.80

Recreational Vehicle Connector Adapters

Use adapters to make any connection between any trailer and any vehicle. Sold individually.

PolesSpecificationPart #Price
6-Way Round Pin 4-Way Round Pin Connection 66C10350 $8.94
7-Way Round Pin 4-Way Flat Connection 66C10355 $9.80
7-Way Blade Style 4-Way Flat Connection 66C10351 $8.94
7-Way Blade Style 6-Way Round Pin Connection 66C10354 $15.38

7-Way Plug Checker

Test your 7-way trailer plug with this from seat of your cab. Activate each switch and the corresponding LED light on the tool will illuminate. Faulty wiring or shorts will be indicated if LEDs are dimmer than usual, fail to light, or if more than one LED lights at the same time. Each LED on tool is labeled for function and number. Sold individually.

Part #Price
37A18004 $75.48

Bull-Nosed Circuit Breaker Socket

7-way trailer socket with circuit breakers included. Weather resistant and has isolated ground and circuit protection. Sold individually.

SpecificationPart #Price
20A 66C10244 $59.17
30A 66C10245 $59.27

Junction Boxes

Junction boxes include cover, strain relief collars, and are made of a molded composite. Circuit breakers are not included in the 7 circuit breaker style. Sold individually.

SpecificationPart #Price
7 Terminal Style 66C10232 $22.73
7 Circuit Breaker Style 66C10233 $35.30