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Battery Terminals & Copper Lugs

No-Crimp Battery Terminals

No crimping tool is needed to attach your cable to these battery terminals - simply tighten the bolts. They also offer a wide wire size range to fit more applications. Made of lead. 38A12029 and 38A12030 can be as both positive and negative terminals. Three-way terminals allow you to insert your cable from any one of three directions for added flexibility of installation.

The corrosion resistant battery terminals last 3.6X longer in harsh environments than regular lead battery terminals. They are also lead free and RoHS compliant.

NamePart #Price
6-1 Ga. No-Crimp Side-Mount Lead Battery Terminals 38A12033 $2.47
Corrosion Resistant 6-2/0 Ga. No-Crimp Side-Mount Battery Terminals 38A12041 $3.82

Adapters and Replacement Fasteners

NamePart #Package QuantityPrice
Side Mount to Positive Standard Top Post Adapter 38A14003 1 $3.83
Side Mount to Negative Standard Top Post Adapter 38A14004 1 $3.83
Side Mount Replacement Bolt 38A14005 1 $5.91
Side Mount Long Replacement Bolt 38A14007 1 $6.15
Replacement Side Mount Battery Terminal Bolt 38A14008 10 $12.55
Replacement Extra-Long Side Mount Battery Terminal Bolt 38A14009 10 $17.44