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Battery Terminals & Copper Lugs

Military Style and Marine Battery Terminals

If military battery terminals are good enough for the military, they can stand up to the toughest of applications. Feature an extra long 3/8" diameter bolt that's ideal for mounting lugs. Also have a 5/16" diameter short bolt. Clearly marked positive and negative. Marine battery terminals withstand harsh seas as well as corrosive environments. Made of lead, they allow you to easily connect and disconnect lugs from your battery with the spin of a wing nut. Positive has a 3/8" wing nut and the negative has a 5/16" wing nut.

The corrosion resistant battery terminals last 3.6X longer in harsh environments than regular lead battery terminals. They are also lead free and RoHS compliant.

NamePart #Package QuantityPrice
Positive Quick-Adjust Marine Battery Terminals 38A12036 5 $14.07
Corrosion Resistant Positive Quick-Adjust Marine Battery Terminals 38A12045 5 $18.38
Negative Quick-Adjust Marine Battery Terminals 38A12037 5 $14.48
Corrosion Resistant Negative Quick-Adjust Marine Battery Terminals 38A12046 5 $18.38

Covers for Military and Marine Battery Terminals

Flexible vinyl covers protect military and marine battery terminals from short circuiting and contaminants. Color coded for easy visual identification of positive and negative terminals. Max temperature 194° F. Sold individually.

NamePart #Price
Black Marine Battery Terminal Cover 38A15015 $2.64
Red Marine Battery Terminal Cover 38A15016 $2.64