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3-Way & 4-Way Terminals

Nylon 3-Way & 4-Way Terminals

Quickly and securely connect three wires with one terminal. Constructed of three or four ring terminals riveted together through the stud holes.

The nylon insulation provides relief from vibration that can cause the wire to fail prematurely. The nylon insulation also prevents incidental metal to metal contact that can cause shorts.

Requires two crimps (terminal to wire strands, terminal to insulation of wire). Standard tools perform both crimps. For heavier usage, use a tool that performs both crimps at the same time.

For Wire SizeColorTerminal TypePart #Package QuantityPrice
22-18 Red 3-Way 11A25002 25 $25.05
22-18 Red 4-Way 11A24002 10 $6.11
16-14 Blue 3-Way 11A25005 10 $5.52
16-14 Blue 4-Way 11A24004 10 $7.26
12-10 Yellow 3-Way 11A25007 10 $7.23
12-10 Yellow 4-Way 11A24006 10 $13.34