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Terminal Type
  1. Quick Disconnect (4)
For Wire Size
  1. 22 (2)
  2. 20 (2)
  3. 18 (2)
  4. 16 (2)
  5. 14 (2)
Insulation Type
  1. Heat Shrink (4)
  1. Blue (2)
  2. Red (2)
  1. Heavy Duty (4)
  1. Male (2)
  2. Female (2)

Heat Shrink Terminals

Heavy Duty Heat Shrink Quick Disconnect Terminals

A heavy duty heat shrink jacket makes it very difficult to cut into these heat shrink terminals during the crimping process, a common problem with basic heat shrink terminals. If, in a rare instance, you do pierce the jacket, during the heat shrink process the jacket will heal itself and fill in the hole with sealant. This is the highest quality line of heat of heat shrink terminals available.

For use in harsh environments, after crimping the terminal onto the wire, simply apply heat. Keeps moisture out while ensuring your wire does not pull out of the terminal.

Requires one crimp on each end plus heat.

Also known as slip-on or fast-on connectors, these quick-disconnect terminals offer the fastest way to connect and disconnect two wires. They are also reusable. Simply slide the male terminal into the female terminal.

For Wire SizeColorGenderPart #Package QuantityPrice
22-18 Red Male 11A48002 25 $20.84
22-18 Red Female 11A48001 25 $20.84
16-14 Blue Male 11A48032 25 $21.37
16-14 Blue Female 11A48031 25 $21.37