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High-Temperature Terminals

High-Temperature Quick Disconnect Terminals

One steel construction and nickel plating provides reliable electrical connections at temperatures up to 900° F.

Also known as slip-on or fast-on connectors, these quick-disconnect terminals offer the fastest way to connect and disconnect two wires. They are also reusable. Simply slide the male terminal into the female terminal.

Features a 90 degree orientation making the crimp more convenient and allows the quick-disconnect terminal to be used in confined spaces. In some applications, this terminal can also be used to avoid bending your wire to orient it with a traditional quick-disconnect terminal.

Requires only one crimp onto the wire.

For Wire SizeGenderOrientationTab WidthPart #Package QuantityPrice
22-18 Male Standard Straight 0.250" 11A35002 50 $12.79
22-18 Female Standard Straight 0.250" 11A35001 50 $10.83
16-14 Male Standard Straight 0.250" 11A35006 50 $4.72
16-14 Female Standard Straight 0.250" 11A35004 50 $5.57
16-14 Female 90 Degree Flag 0.250" 11A35005 50 $4.66
12-10 Male Standard Straight 0.250" 11A35008 50 $12.66
12-10 Female Standard Straight 0.250" 11A35007 50 $14.55

High-Temperature Terminal Kit

This kit contains 20 different high-temperature terminals, 500 pieces, sizes 22 to 10 gauge, including rings, forks, butt splices, and quick disconnect terminals.

NamePart #Price
High-Temperature Terminal Kit 11A47004 $131.70