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Packard Series
  1. Metri-Pack 150 Series (1)
For Wire Size (Gauge)
  1. 18 (1)
  2. 16 (1)
  1. Female (1)

Pull-to-Seat Terminals and Housings for Devices

150 Series Pull-to-Seat Female Terminals and Housings for Devices

Metri-Pack pull-to-seat device connections are female housings and terminals which connect directly to specific devices. Pull-to-seat housings have built in seals. 14 amps max. per circuit. To assemble pull-to-seat the wire is inserted through the back of the housing, out the front, wire is stripped and double crimped on to the terminal. The terminal is pulled back through until it seats in the housing, making a secure connection.

Terminals require a proper crimping tool, 37A11005.

NamePart #Package QuantityPrice
18-16 Ga. Female Metri-Pack Terminals, 150 Series, Pull-to-Seat #12103881 12A12002 50 $16.19