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Packard Series
  1. Weather-Pack (6)
  2. Metri-Pack 280 Series (6)
For Wire Size (Gauge)


Weather-Pack Seals

Use these round pin and socket terminals, housings, and seals to make economical connections that can handle harsh environments.

Each connection requires a male and female terminal, a seal for each terminal, and a male and female housing.

Terminals require two crimps (terminal to wire strands, terminal to seal to wire insulation). A proper crimping tool is required. For heavier usage, use a tool that performs both crimps at the same time.

For Wire Size (Gauge)ColorPart #Package QuantityPrice
22-20 Purple 12A11027 50 $16.59
22 Red 12A11028 50 $11.44
20-16 Tan 12A11029 50 $17.92
20-14 Green 12A11026 50 $14.64
16-14 Gray 12A11025 50 $14.72
12-10 Blue 12A11024 50 $15.72