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Packard Weather-Pack and Metri-Pack

Packard Tools

Weather-Pack, Metri-Pack, Micro-Pack, Pack-Con, 56-58 Series often use different crimping tools. The more you know about what will be crimped, the better.

For higher volumes, use a crimper that crimps both the terminal and seal in one motion rather than two. The ratchet style design allows you to make easier crimps with less effort.

NameFor Wire SizePart #Price
Metri-Pack/56 Series/Pack-Con Crimping Tool #6285847 20-10 37A11001 $136.76
Metri-Pack Crimping Tool #12071687 12-10 37A11008 $158.65
Economy Weather-Pack/Metri-Pack Tool 22-14 37A11019 $41.71
Heavy-Duty Weather-Pack Terminal Release Tool #12014012 24-12 37A11021 $31.41
Metri-Pack Terminal Release Tool #12094429 22-10 37A11012 $8.52
Heavy-Duty Weather-Pack Terminal Release Tool #12094429 22-10 37A11022 $35.91
Metri-Pack/56 Series Terminal Release Tool #12094430 20-10 37A11013 $8.52
Heavy-Duty Weather-Pack Terminal Release Tool #12094430 20-10 37A11023 $39.47